I Am Beautiful Concept


Generally we tend to forget that we must deal with how we feel about ourselves before we can really change and become better. For anyone to act responsibly she/he must have a positive self concept and also the knowledge of why certain things should and should not be done. Being aware of the consequences of certain risky behaviours cannot be over emphasized. If I first understand that I am precious and worthy of respect, success and wellness then I will seek to undertake activities that generally are in line with that.

When observing the actions of the youth it is apparent that most have placed very little value on their lives. They may not be aware of how special they are. Some youth are simply pessimistic because of a lack of stimulating, consistent and empowering information that encourages them to make positive changes in their lives." The ‘I Am Beautiful Campaign’ is an innovative way to empower the youth by first helping them to realize how beautiful they are; then teaching them good health care habits that discourage risky behaviours.

The campaign has three components: research, educational and student participation. Before presenting at the schools a select group of students are asked to fill out a questionnaire on either one of the 3 topics; emotional health, dental care or sexually transmitted infections. The educational component consists of school visits, radio/TV, music and internet. Please join our facebook page i.e. Wellness Innovators (St. Lucia).

For the final component students will be asked to express their beauty through poetry, story, art, music etc.  on  FRIDAY 7th October 2011, the "I AM BEAUTIFUL" DAY.

I Am Beautiful Day

The I AM BEAUTIFUL DAY, which will be observed in St. Lucia on the first Friday of October, 2011 will bring an exciting and heart warming end to the first I AM BEAUTIFUL CAMPAIGN.This day is about ALL of us no matter where we are recognizing our beauty and especially BEAUTY of the youth!

As endorsed by the Ministry of Education, on that day, at all Secondary Schools on the island students will be encouraged to wear t-shirts, badges or wrist bands which will read I AM BEAUTIFUL.
There will be a special assembly at each school where students will use song, dance, poetry, craft, paintings etc to express artistically the message of the I AM BEAUTIFUL CAMPAIGN (self-respect, self-esteem, awareness of sexually transmitted infections, emotional health and dental hygiene). Parents, teachers and the adult population in general will be asked to say to every child and adolescent,

Make your FB status I AM BEAUTIFUL with a quote or anecdote this and every Friday leading up to the I AM BEAUTIFUL DAY! :)





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